Monday, February 26, 2007

Work, Jasper and Jodie

So the latest things going on here. Not too much exciting or even interesting things to report.

At work, we had the company we are working in take our recruiting team, the i-Hire people and Cognizant recruiting people out to dinner. The treated us well and took us to Vik Stewarts. So here is the group of people I work with. It was fun. Its a good group of people to work with. Hmmm what else happened this week....... Oh that's right

We won a coffee break at the office with KKIQ. They brought in all the pastries, yougurt parfaits, fruit and coffee. Hey, it was free and people I work with showed up before 10 to take part in the festivities. (They usually wander in around 10, but were in about 9) So now that I have sort of figured out how to attach pictures, here is another picture of us. (Fed ex guy happened to come in to deliver something, so we just had him join in. )

Saturday was exciting, at least Shannon found it exciting. I had to take the sweet cat I have to the vet. My cat is so sweet........... I can not even begin to tell you how sweet he is. He actually is very sweet with Shannon. He is like a lap cat with him. Anyway, the vet asked us to tranquilize the sweet cat before we bring him. Ok truth be told, he tends to think he is a mountain lion at the vet and attacks. So I shoved a pill down his throat and 10 minutes later......viola- drunk drugged kitty. It was actually kinda sad to watch him walking around. The drugs really hit him. Took him to the vet and that was pretty fast. Took maybe an hour. The rest of the day we did this and that. Poor cat (probably one of few times I feel sorry for him) he seemed to be paranoid all day. He could sleep for maybe 2 minutes and then had to get up and walk well.... stumble around. I don't know if he couldn't get comfortable or it just messed with his head. Kitty walking backwards and stuff. He never ever does that. Plus he normally sleeps about 18 hours a day. Nope not today, he slept about 2. That was the extent of our excitement on Saturday.

Sunday I took Shannon to the airport. He went to a conference in New Orleans. I fly in and join him Wednesday and we go to my moms Thursday. Then I came home and did a few things. Jodie's baby shower was that day. So I went to pick her up and take her. Since I will be out of town the weekend she is having her "friends" shower, I went to her shower with co-workers. (She has 4 showers total or is it 5? co-worker/friends, work, friends, family I think thats it) So that was fun. The baby is a boy as you know and the name has been a secret, but I know it now. Yep I know it and I am not going to tell.... Sorry. (Tami, either Jodie will post it in the comments or you have to wait until the shower) A clue, well it doesn't start with G. Hah, how is that??

Wow this was a pretty boring update. I thought of things twice to put in here over the last few days. Things I though might be entertaining or interesting, but of course I can not remember what they were.

So maybe if you are lucky, Jodie (who is now on maternity leave) might post a comment and share the name.

Oh I know what I forgot. We finally got a bike for me. So now I actually can ride the diabetes bike ride. Care to join us? It is in Napa. If not, I will take a dollar or more if you want to sponsor me. :)


Tami said...

You've had a few of those KKIQ coffee breaks, haven't you?

Great picture of Jasper. Stop lying to everyone though...he is ONLY sweet with Shannon...and tends to think he is a mountain lion when around everyone else! ;)

Have fun in New Orleans!

Jodie said...

Guess I better comment - The baby's name is Cooper Alexander Gerhardt! He is going to be born on March 13th, or 14th if my labor goes long. Please pray for a short labor. Jodie