Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I am not getting older

So yes, February 1 was my birthday. I also share my birthday with my grandmother, though she is now living in Texas, so we were not able to celebrate together.
I took a different approach to my birthday this year. I didn't plan anything, didn't try to get people together for dinner or anything, no evites sent out (so nobody had to ignore them or not reply or say they would do something and not do it) I did not involve others at all. I really didn't want to try and plan something, get my hopes up that people would join in and then not make it.
So I had a really nice day. It was the first time I have had my birthday off of work in probably 15 years. This year, January 31 was my last day at a job and I didn't start the new one until February 5th. It was actually kind of funny. The day after my last day I had to go back to FFIC and pick up a check. I also did not know what to do with myself since it was my birthday. I didn't want to spend the day alone, so I had lunch with friends/co-workers at FFIC. It was really nice to do that. The best of the gifts I got for my birthday was to have Jodie tell me the baby's heart was strong. (She had a test done that day to check his heart and that was great news considering some of the other news)
I had phone calls all day long and email messages from friends I have had forever and the newer ones also. It seems nobody really forgot my birthday. All the cards I got and messages really were nice and made me feel great. So thanks to all of you!!
When Shannon got home from work, he was looking around the house funny and asked if something had been delivered. Nope, nothing was delivered but now I wanted to know what was supposed to be here. Of course he would not tell me. Hmmmm cookies, flowers, gifts..... now I had to wait.
Shannon and I went to dinner and went to Outback. We don't go there very often so it was a nice treat. We were going to Hungry Hunter, however we got to the one in Pleasanton and well it isn't there anymore. Oh well at least now I know where Tommy T's opened. So Outback it was and it was a nice dinner.
Friday I also had off and while at home some beautiful flowers were delivered, from Shannon. Wow, that was nice and a surprise since he has never sent flowers before. Friday and Saturday were pretty non eventful.
Sunday was superbowl Sunday. I was invited to Pancho and Laura's. (Yay pancho and laura, thank you for the invite) I can not say how excited I was to be doing something social. Tami went with me. Shannon went to deliver the glider to get worked on so he didn't go. We got to Pancho's place in Alameda. It is across from the beach and has a great view. He had birthday balloons for me. I thought that was really nice. I had taken some dip and veggies and Tami took cake. There were about 10 of us total. I never thought anything of the fact that Tami took cake other than that was her contribution. So when I asked if we can cut it, she said not, not until the 3rd quarter or something. When the time came, she had candles and they all sang. I didn't know that was the plan at all. I was actually pretty clueless until just about then. Anyway that was really nice also. So the superbowl party included a little of my birthday. You can check out Tami's blog to see the cake. As for the superbowl, it was all a bit disappointing. Of course because it was not a Bay Area team or any other team I like. Also, the commercials and half time were all disappointing. Not much I recall on the commercials except the coke machine one. Prince was not too exciting. Pancho does have a huge tv so that was nice. The food was fabulous also so that was great too.
So I have a nice birthday just low key and I guess I am uh....26.

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Tami said...

Finally - I thought you'd never turn 26!! And yeah, it was kind of funny how you walked into Pancho's, saw the balloons, and asked whose birthday it was. When we said it was yours, I don't think you really believed us...til we pulled out the candles. (And waiting until the 3rd quarter was Pancho's fault)