Friday, February 23, 2007

Is this necessary?

So Pancho asked about a description of the bathrooms at work. He said I didn't describe it. There are 2 restrooms on each floor on opposites sides of the building. The one I usually use is of course the one that seems closer to our office. I walk in the door labeled restroom and I always seem to see a paper towel or 2 or 3 or 4 crumpled just inside the main door. (I kept wondering where this was coming from and why? Every day I would see one or more on the floor as the day progressed.) Then there is an enterance to the women's and a few steps further is the men's.
So, the other day, as I approached the main door labeled restrooms, it was sort of just being opened from the other side. This guy props the door open holding it just barely open with his knee. A second or two pass and it opens and he throws down a paper towel in the corner and then exits. Hah, he has been caught. I just was amazed someone has to use a paper towel to get out of the bathroom doors, yet apparently it is not necessary to use to get back in his office door. I guess by that time peoples germs are gone and he isn't worried about it.
My question is why can't these people just carry a stupid paper towel with them back to the office and throw it away, or throw it away somewhere???? Throw it on the floor? How rude and what a freaking litter bug.
So today I go in there and I guess someone said something or the janitor people just caught on because there was a little garbage can there now. (and it was 1/2 full!!!!!) Either way, why do people have to just throw a little paper towel down like that??? Just carry it to your office and throw it away. GGGGGEEEEEEZZZZZZ


Tami said...

And you think I'm paranoid! How dirty do they think that doorknob is? And I don't know why they'd be too ashamed to carry the paper towel to their office, when they're not worried about dropping it on the floor in front of witnesses.

People do this at my office too - except I've never seen anyone drop the towels on the floor. There's a trash basket right in front of the door, and I've seen many people walk out with the paper towels in their hands.

I think using the paper towel to open the door (especially from the inside...where each hand that touches the knob should be freshly washed) is taking germophobia to a whole new level. Crazy.

Pancho said...

I read that your keyboard and telephone at work are actually much more dirty then the door knob in the bathroom. That's why I wear rubber gloves when I type.