Monday, November 24, 2008

Yay we did it

We had a date night. We went to see a movie. We saw Bolt. It was cute and pretty good. We both laughed and enjoyed it. Love the California pigeons or the NY ones. I really want a toy hamster in a ball. Not a real one, then I would have to take care of it so a toy would be fine.
We went to dinner after. Went to Izzys steak house near our house. We would not take Katie there so it was a good choice and was pretty good.
Then we went to yogurt shack and had frozen yogurt. You pick a flavor out of 6 flavors and put as much as you want in a cup and then what ever toppings you want. (they have lots) The catch is they charge by weight. It was good so who cares.
When we got home, Katie cried when I tried to take her from Grandma Sue. Here they are when I came home.

Thanks grandma Sue for watching her. Katie was good for grandma. She ate some peas and carrots and apples and played.

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