Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So with my not sleeping so well the last few nights, (darn full moon) I have been catching up on reading on the computer. Reading other peoples blogs and sites. Tonight I am reading one that I have on a link on the right of my blog. A year of crock potting. She has some great recipes on there and I can get these done easier it seems then cooking later in the day. So take a look at the link. I have gone way back to older posts from I dont know what month but I like it. Now I am tired enough to try to sleep. (wish me luck)
Let me know if you try an of these recipes or have one of your own.


Anonymous said...

I just did a crockpot thing last night because I had a riding lesson. Those tend to go late and it is nice to come home to a hot meal. Dan is a good cook, but the crockpot makes it easier for him. Anyway, this is the recipe. Take a good lean beef roast of about three to four pounds. Brown all sides well in a frying pan with couple of tablespoons of fragrant olive oil. Remove the beef and brown some onions. Add a can of mushroom soup to the onions and stir in the brown bits in the bottom of the pan. Stir well. Put the beef, a bay leaf and the sauce into a crockpot on low and cook for a day. The beef comes out very tender and you have a gravy already. Dan added carrots, potatoes and green beans to the whole toward the end of the cooking. You can certainly do that, or make up some noodles or mashed potatoes.
This sometimes uses that dry onion soup mix too, but I try to keep the sodium and MSG content down as much as possible.
Hope this helps.

Nancy B. Hartley said...

Hi Kristin, Your blog looks great! I think that I finally have mine somewhat together! I just did my first posting last night!! Finally! Good luck with your crockpot! Wish that I could offer some tips, sorry to say, we don't use the crockpot. Sounds like a good idea!!