Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Margaret Brodie 9/10/2008

Here are some of the pictures I have of my grandmother. My grandmother passed away this morning, she was 86 or 87 (I have to confirm which). She had been having a rough time with the lung fibrosis and was just miserable. I know she is in a better place now and not suffering or miserable anymore. It makes me so sad. I was born on her birthday and her first grandchild. We shared a special bond and I have missed her since she moved to Texas. I really do not have the words to say or describe how i feel or what I can say right now. We named Katie "Katharine Margaret" using Margaret in honor of my grandmother and I can not say how glad I am that I did that. Katie never got to meet her great grandma. My grandmother was the only remaining of my grandparents. Coincidentally, my Grandpa Brown passed in September and my Grandpa Brodie and a few others. (my mom told me who, but I forget who was September) She has a great Grandfather on Shannon's side and I hope we make a trip to see him. Katie also has a Great Great Aunt, my great aunt Dorothy. She is 90. We have been to see her and its so nice to visit with her. She apparently has a Great great uncle also, on Shannon's side. (I think)
Anyhow I did get to see my grandmother last November for Thanksgiving and I am so grateful for that. (For whatever reason, we did not take a single picture) I also spoke with her yesterday (she was in the hospital)and am forever going to remember that and I thank my Aunt dearly for putting her on the phone. There will not really be much done for her. A small family rosary and then a small mass in Texas. Sometime my dad and Uncle and Aunt will take her ashes to Scotland so we will maybe all go for that.
Please go to and look under Margaret Brodie and you will enjoy the pictures and please sign the guestbook.
Not sure what else I can say on this.

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Doc Anne said...

I am so sorry for your loss, Kristin. At least she got to know that she has a great-granddaughter named after her.
Bob Madsen, Shannon's grandfather, has a sister who is much younger. Sally was the daughter of his second wife. She is in her fifties, but would still be Katie's great-grandaunt. She and Barb, Shannon's aunt, are coming to visit the end of the month.