Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike and Tina

I talked to Tina today. She is in Spring Texas, about 70-80 miles away from Gavelston. I have not looked on a map yet but will. Here is what she said. "Everyone is freaking out, we got a bunch of ice and I did a emergency kit about 2 months ago. We are not boarding up anything and we didn't get a generator.
We did get a bunch of beer so we should be good.
I'll let you know." So now I am watching the news 7 hours after talking to her. I hope they ride it out ok. Will keep you posted if I hear anything.

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Anonymous said...

"Ike and Tina", weren't they the Turners? Some famous singers?

I do hope they are okay. We have a friend in the Huston area who also refused to leave.