Sunday, June 28, 2009

Drive up to Eureka

Well we can also call this "Shannon wants to drive the new car". So off we went on a weekend short trip. We drove up North with our destination being Loleta where we had a hotel room reserved. (I think thats where it was)
It was a beautiful drive. We drove Avenue of the Redwoods for part of it rather than 101.
You can see videos under Rocks in the River, some is from our trip.

Even saw many plants and poison oak

She did fairly well with the drive. We stopped a lot. Katie slept in the porta crib the hotel had and we were pleasantly surprised she slept.

We also went to the Sequoia Zoo. It was really small but nice. Katie liked some of it. She could care less about the petting zoo.
It was a quick but long trip. What a beautiful drive.

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