Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Truckee trip

We went to Truckee for the weekend. Left Saturday around 10 am and came home uh... Sunday evening. It was a nice drive there, not much snow at all, very little actually in Truckee. Ground was dry. However there was a storm expected Saturday. We stayed at Vince and Vicki's place. I can not really call it a cabin as it is a 3 story house. Beautiful place. Here is a picture again for last summer. Kitchen, well part of it.

We enjoyed our visit, stayed inside a lot. Made dinner at their place and played with Katie. It was nice.

It began to snow around 5pm. Here it is when it first started.

This is after about 30 minutes.
Here is Katie eating her spaghetti baby food.

The snow started around 5 so it was fun to watch, as you can tell I get very excited about it.
Sunday was great to see the snow in the morning! It was beautiful.

Shannon had not been to Truckee with snow, only in the summer, which is why I wanted to go. We checked it out outside. Shannon cleared the driveway.

(yes with a snow blower)
Katie touched the snow but did not think to much of it so I did not bother putting much of the snow clothes on her.

We eventually packed up and left around noon or so. Well........given the storm, there were chain requirements from Truckee to uh... some other place. So we went to get on the freeway and Shannon says "that does not look like a good idea". It was a parking lot of trucks and cars and all trying to put on chains and stuff. So we went to the grocery store, we had lunch, drove around to Tahoe city and Kings Beach and Incline Village. What a beautiful drive. Then we went back to the Salvo's place. We thought we might just stay one more night. Mommy and Katie took a nap together.

Then around 6:30 we tried to leave again and this time it was not a problem. Storm had passed and off we went, after packing a second time. Either way, it was gorgeous and fun.

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