Thursday, July 24, 2008

July has been busy

We have had a busy month. Katie is growing and learning and meeting lots of people and family. She will be laughing soon, she is working on it. We have had visits with Janene and her family and Stacey and Amy came to visit. Bobby and Maleah came out from Tennessee to visit and we have had a great time. We went to the cabin and it was a great trip. We went to the Dewings yesterday for a wonderful dinner. Finally getting to see the finished kitchen, so here are pictures. Its a major remodeling of the kitchen. It looks fantastic.

I will post more pictures on my totsite. Most are Katie not much to put here. Here are a few to enjoy anyway.

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Anonymous said...

The kitchen looks wonderful!

I think Katie does not have enough stuffed animals.

She is growing so fast! Such an adorable young miss. Her smile will slay young men in about fourteen or fifteen years. Shan you better learn how to wield a shotgun.

I do like that at least half of all the photos I have seen are of Katie sound asleep. Takes after her Gramma Anne.