Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Easily Amused

So my cousin Amy and I had lunch today. As many of you know, I have not been working so I have been home a lot. It was so beautiful outside today!!! We sat outside at this little cafe in Pleasant Hill, (Fishermans Wharf) and had a crab melt, Yummmm!! So we are sitting there and this little old lady with a cane (probably 0 to 80 years old) she asked us if we could watch her cart. She was going in to get her lunch and she left her shopping cart outside with a grocery bag and pizza in it. I think my comment back was "sure no problem. If anyone touches it we will beat them up" or something. Amy can add ad comment to correct me. So this little old lady comments back, "I have a gun in my purse...... " not sure what else she said, I was stuck on that. So glad neither Amy or myself were drinking anything as it would have gone everywhere, we just sort of choked!! Did not expect that. Oh my.

OH and Amy got to sort of feel the baby kick around. After we had lunch baby started moving around, which happens after I eat. I dont know if she felt big ones but little ones. I did not want to freak her out or anything but she seemed to like the idea of feeling baby move. Lucky for her, because I dont seem to let most people touch my belly. Its not something I am super comfortable with.

So other things to just mention. So is anyone noticing the things going on in Oakland? Oak runs out of money for gun buybacks???? So they are trying to buy back guns and then they run out of money to do it? Great, but this is even better...
Oaksterdam University.... just what they need in Oakland or anywhere for that matter.

The other things that seem to be amusing to me. Well I bought this little finch feeder sock that hangs for the little birdies. Oh my the finches love it. I think I am totally teasing the cat also, he is so entertained watching it. I can sit there just about as long as the cat and watch them. I think we had 9 finches on the thing at one time. However, those little finches are pigs and ate the entire thing in about 2-3 days tops.

Now, as you can see, I dont know how to do the links like Tami does on her blogs. I guess I need to learn how. I guess since nobody responded to the post I did a few posts ago, nothing is going on with anyone. I would love it if you people reading this would leave comments or stories or something.


Pancho said...

That's funny that you mention what's going on in Oakland, I seem to have this morbid fascination with all the killings there, check out my blog later, that will be a good entry. Also give me a call, I can show you how to insert those links the correct way.
Granny's Packing heat!
I love it!

Jade said...

I always read the emails you send! It's a nice bonus to see pictures with your blog and the stories always put a nice little smile on my face :} The picture of the hummingbirds is a great picture!