Monday, January 21, 2008

Things going on

Well we are into the new year. I have not done much to report that is exciting. We went to the Walnut Festival Crab Feed. It was fun to do. We saw some people we had not seen for a while and then some we had not seen in a week. It was fun. I have been keeping busy a little on the weekends meeting with clients I have for April and for August. This past weekend was busy, Saturday especially. I had a client meet me at 10 here. Then I left at noon to drive to Tracy for a baby shower for a childhood friend.
She is due March 1. It was good to see her and her mom and some people at the shower and it was fun.
Then I drove back from Tracy so Shannon and I could get back in the car and head to Concord for his glider club Banquet. That was fun too. Shannon did great this last year and had many #1 slots including Pilot of the Year in his category. Yay, go Shannon.
It seemed there were just 2 people in a lot of #1 slots, Shannon and another guy, Ramy. I told Shannon to beat him this year. However, with a baby on the way, it may have put a damper on some of Shannon's flying and priorities this year. I am sure he will get out and fly though.
Upcoming things we have going on? mmmm My birthday. Nothing exciting on my calendar, I just checked.
Anyway, all these pictures are from Saturday. Do I look 23 weeks pregnant?

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Tami said...

Congrats to Shannon for being #1. You look pregnant to me, but I've seen you in person - it's harder to tell in the photos.