Saturday, November 04, 2006

The latest

So here is the first blog. Not sure how this works exactly. Here is the latest
I am sort of getting organized. Lots on the list of things to do. I should be outside planting some flowers and bulbs, so I will make this quick.
I started on the insulin yesterday and so far its 3 times and I can not give myself the shots. Shannon keeps giving them to me. I know it doesnt hurt but I have a block or something and can not do it. Its driving me crazy and making me really upset. The insulin seems to keep my numbers down, I think. However I am getting up to 185 and down as low as 58 so still peaks in both directions. I guess I will get used to it at some point.
Going to an awards/dinner for one of the glider soaring associations later. I have to go plant so I can get ready for that.
So thats it for now, exciting huh.

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Tami said...

Hehe - I have influence!

And the insulin shots should get easier with time. At least you've got Shannon around to help you out when you need it. :)